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Sam Jeveons, co-founder of Nusa Caña Indonesian rum, is the mind behind the brand’s cocktail collaborations. He comes from a strong bar background, with stints atMatch Bar Group London, Match Bars, TrailerHappiness, Sosho, The Player, Milk & Honey and The Clubhouse.

With 15 years of consulting across Asia also under his belt, Sam’s the ideal person to produce Nusa Caña’s flavour profiles and present the rums and their histories in stories and cocktails across the world.

We asked Sam to create some exclusive cocktails using Nusa Caña’s Indonesian rums and EasyMixt. The result is tropical, smashable cocktails. Best enjoyed in an open-air setting, under a starlight night sky, seafood on the barbecue and island beats on the turntables.

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Nusa Cana EasyMixters

45ml Nusa Caña rum
20ml EasyMixt
180ml coconut water / lemonade / ginger ale /
ginger beers / sodas / tonics or juices
2 dash orange bitters
Great ice. Highball glass. Citrus fruits and flowers

Godfather Collins

30ml Godfather
20ml EasyMixt
180ml soda
Highball glass.
Good ice.
Grapefruit twist and lemongrass garnish

Rainforest Daiquiri

25ml Nusa Cana Tropical island rum
25ml Nusa Cana Spiced Island rum
30ml EasyMixt
1 passionfruit

10ml mezcal
1 pinch salt
1 star anise
Cocktail glass. Lime + passion fruit garnish