Many years spent working in bars and in flavour consultancy at Crucible and drinking a lot of weird stuff made by amateurs and professionals alike, started us thinking about ways to help people make consistently great cocktails at home with as little effort as possible.

From barbecues to house parties to a Friday night at home, making cocktails is generally a pain. You need limes or lemons, you need to squeeze them, you need to make sugar syrup, you need to follow a recipe, you need time and you need stuff.

We figured that balance could be achieved in the right proportions using a blend of acids, natural citrus flavourings and sugar that would save the hassle and mess of making cocktails and would yield perfect results every time.

EasyMixt is the product we came up with. Natural, shelf stable, sustainable and perfectly balanced, it does exactly what we wanted it to do. We hope you enjoy it.

a picture of the mixer on a whiskey glass with some ice cubes and a wedge of lime.a picture of the mixer bottle showing its labelling on a white background

EasyMixt is a liqueur containing a blend of natural citrus distillates, acids, and sugar. It is natural, shelf stable, sustainable and convenient to use.